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My Ocean Drive House (part 2)

Posted on January 12th, 2012 by Vittoria Balzari

Hallo again.

I want to show you other rooms of my O.D. dolls house.  To make the bedroom larger, I preferred to create the bathroom using the balcony space, with a blu panel, as bathroom color. The doll Bruce  lends himself as plumber.

Now I drive you to visit the first floor: it’s composed by an open entrance and a large room separated in two spaces by a transparent bookcase to let the light get in.

On the right there is the kitchen: pavement and wall are pieces of marble (architecture samples found in my parents’ office). At present  table and chairs are on the roof garden.

And finally, just to relax yourself, the lounge. The bookcase shows a collection of teapots, biscuits barrels and other english ornaments. On a chest table I put a paperweight which seems a Brancusi sculpture. Behind the sofa I paint a Pollok-like painting (I’m not a great artist…).

Doll Abigail is reading a novel to her little pekingese dog while her friend doll June is listening to a Cd by the stereo beside her egg-armchair. On his pet blanket a puppy labrador is sleeping blissfully.

Good night!

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