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My Ocean Drive House (part 1)

Posted on January 11th, 2012 by Vittoria Balzari

What do you think about it? I bought it in August and

O.D. front

I’ve just finish to furnish it this Xmas with a lot of Emporium furnishing and dolls.

I beg your pardon if the “roof garden” is not completed. Only left wing is ready for a party.

I’m very proud about the bedroom: the bed is an old cigars box on which I put a japanese toil, as two kimonos (origami).

I used the dressing screen as wardrobe. The swan armchair is blue but in this photo it seems black. I’m not a good photographer.

The coral tree in glass pot comes from my granny’s collar.

Tomorrow I’ll post others O. D. rooms. Bye bye

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