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Top Floor Construction

Posted on June 9th, 2008 by Ruth Salton

FoyerCinema Ground FloorI basically followed the same procedure for the middle floor as for the ground. To make the false walls I constructed a totally separate section out of foam board which I then clad using the same materials as on the other walls. To finish off I glued it into position and once again added skirting and coving. I also added vertical strips of thin wood as an additional architectural feature.

The top floor was much more simple as this was intended to be an attic which would be a storage area. I decided to use a wood effect paper for the floors and inside roof with a brick effect paper on the walls. Using the floor paper I created a small trap door in the corner, although this doesn’t actually work it’s just for effect.

For the external roof covering I cut strips of thick black card, scored on the individual tiles and glued each strip slightly overlapping.

More next week.

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2 Comments to “Top Floor Construction”

  1. I like the way you filled in the back arch.

  2. I love the floor.. it blends in really well with the counter and the other furniture.. great job. =)

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