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Nearing Completion

Posted on June 16th, 2008 by Ruth Salton

Cinema FacadeI’d sketched out the basic design and working from this cut and glued on the individual components which I then painted. Two questions I’m asked are “Were making the arched doors a nightmare?” and “How did I get the wording for ‘THE AMAZING MINIATURE CINEMA’ on the building?”.

Answers: Yes the arch doors were a nightmare. I cut four pieces out of wood so each door is double thickness with a piece of acetate in between. I then had terrible difficulty in attaching the hinges and mainly due to time restraints ended up fixing the doors on in a way in which they don’t actually open, but this is something I intend to put right at a later date.

Getting the wording on the building was actually quite easy although very time consuming. I printed it out from the computer and cut the paper around the lettering so when in place it would be bound all round by the wooden relief fixtures on that particular section of the front panel. So, the edges of the paper are not visible and with a small illustrators brush I then painted as close up to the edges of the lettering as possible. The result is that this paper section actually looks like it’s got the same painted finish as the rest of the front panel.

More to come next week

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