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Miniature Cinema Dry Build

Posted on May 19th, 2008 by Ruth Salton

Dry BuildArched DoorsAlthough I already had other projects on the go when I saw the Dolls House Emporium competition kit I knew instantly I was going to buy one as I liked the shape and size. I’d had an idea for some time of a cinema project – the idea being that if my miniature world were real it would be a kind of ‘folly’ in the grounds of my house.

Before the kit had even arrived I’d already sketched out a rough design of how it would look and began to make notes about the construction process. Although I’m always tempted to get stuck in with the making, planning the order that things needed to be done was critical. I don’t build the entire structure and then decorate each room, I build in sections to ensure I have good access to work on certain areas before they become too difficult to reach.

At the dry build stage I was in a position to be more specific, working out the exact measurements for individual items and what needed adapting and adding structurally. For example, the false walls to accommodate the stairs and where and how the lights would be fitted.

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