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Foyer Construction

Posted on June 2nd, 2008 by Ruth Salton

Foyer ConstructionFoyer With Rear DoorsAdding the FloorThe next step was the bar area in the foyer for which the archway created a perfect setting and everything else followed on from there. I decided to put in two false doors either side of the bar to suggest that there were toilets and other rooms at the rear of the building as there would be in a real cinema.

I then glued the ceiling in place and using strips of foam board clad in thin basswood added coving which I also positioned around where the stairs had been attached. This helped secure everything, neaten it all off and hopefully it adds to creating a more realistic finished effect over all.

I have to admit that in making this project I used a bit of artistic licence with scale in places, something I hate doing. This was mainly because I was actually trying to put a little too much into the space available, but the one thing that was imperative to me was that the stairwell was ‘real’, so I spent ages working out how the false walls should be constructed and fit in place.

Come back next week for an update.

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