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The basement exterior

Posted on March 29th, 2008 by Marie

Basement Exterior
The basement exterior is about 75% done now. The interior still has a ways to go yet.

I used a product called Fleckstone for the first time on the basements exterior staircases (see photo above). My experiences with Fleckstone weren’t all that pleasant; to say the least. Although the stairs came out looking wonderful, I did experience the mishap of one of the cans exploding on me…literally…ON me! You see, I was having difficulties getting the cap to come off the second can I bought. I used a kitchen knife to pry it off and was eventually successful. But in the process of its removal, I also accidentally popped off the nozzle that you depress to spray the Fleckstone. While attempting to put the nozzle back on to the can, somehow I managed to set it off…right in my face and all over my kitchen…and partly into other places of my apartment. It went “everywhere”! I managed to get the can under control in my kitchen sink and then proceeded to wipe down every surface in my kitchen. I felt my face go stiff so went into the bathroom to take a peek. It wasn’t pretty. Half my face and some of my hair was covered in Alabaster Fleckstone! About an hour later, everything was cleaned off including myself. Trust me when I say that I’m in no hurry to use Fleckstone again. I’m still finding places around the apartment that I missed in cleaning up.

Overall, the basement went together wonderfully! I’m so pleased with this kit so far. And I can hardly wait until the day when I put the main house on top of the basement. It’s really going to look massive!

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One Comment to “The basement exterior”

  1. Vikie Miller Says:

    Woooow I like the style that the Doll’s House Emporium have designed their Grosvenor Hall, so I was considering buying it quickstyle or already built. But building and painting it yourself looks a lot more fun and is cheaper! I like how you are designing yours too :) I wish my painting skills were that neat and tidy!

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