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Grosvenor Hall Build Project

Posted on March 24th, 2008 by Marie

Grosvenor Hall
Yesterday I found out that I will be receiving a dollhouse kit I’ve wanted very badly for over a year now…The Grosvenor Hall and Basement. This beautiful dollhouse kit is made and manufactured by The Dolls House Emporium (DHE) in England. One of the ‘perks’ of having this kit will be the honor of doing a kit review for DHE. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and I can hardly wait to get started!

Dimensions (w/ Basement):

41 3/8″ wide
38 3/16″ deep
59 1/2″ tall

This massive dollhouse is the same height as me! And once it’s sitting on my workbench, I’ll need my stepstool to reach the upper most floors. Egads! Still, in my mind, it’s a tiny price to pay to own this house. The colors I’ve decided to paint it are by American Tradition Signature Colors, indoor latex paints as follows:

1. Slipper Shell – for the parts of the house that are pale yellow on the prototype. This is a very soft and pale earthy cream color with a slight hint of peach to it.

2. Beachnut – for the parts of the house that are grayish/khaki in color. This is just a slightly darker version of the original.

3. Amaryllis – for all exterior elements such as windows, the balcony, columns, balustrades, quions, etc. This is a very soft white.

The 7 boxes that comprise this kit will be shipped on Monday, Dec. 19th and will probably arrive sometime between Friday the 23rd and Monday the 26th. I’m so eager and excited to get started on this project. I’ve got most of the wallpaper chosen from a nice supply I’ve had on hand. During my Xmas vacation, I’ll need to go to my local mini shop to pick up some flooring materials, light fixtures, etc. This is going to be so much fun!

There are 12 rooms in total within the walls of this dollhouse. Here is what I’m going to do with them:


1. Front Left – Scullery/Wine Cellar
2. Front Right – Kitchen
3. Rear Left – Butlers Quarters
4. Rear Right – Maids Quarters

Main House (bottom to top):

1. 1st Floor – Livingroom and Diningroom
2. 2nd Floor – Library and Music Room
3. 3rd Floor – Master Suite and Guest Room
4. 4th Floor – Nursery and Bathroom

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4 Comments to “Grosvenor Hall Build Project”

  1. Vikie Miller Says:

    So jealous! One day this will be me :D

  2. I Got the Grosvenor just before this Xmas (2011 ) I can’t wait to make a start but got a lighthouse to get on with 1st, I have seen the Grosvenor built quick style and is utterly beautiful…

  3. I purchased my Grosvenor Hall a couple of years ago but due to illnesses did not get started until I enlisted the help of a great dolls house builder here in Sydney Australia.

    I will be receiving my finished house in a few weeks – I have not seen the house (only a few pictures) and will be viewing the house this weekend to monitor its progress. My builder has said that it looks fabulous.

    I have real flooring – built in fireplaces (handmade by the builder) crystal chandeliers, chinese wallpapering, ceiling roses etc So as you can imagine this house should look wonderful!!!

    I have purchased many decorating products from Dolls House Emporium and other great suppliers in England and America – you are all so lucky to be able to purchase from so many suppliers in England – Australia is not so fortunate as the dolls house industry is not as strong as in your area – having said that we do have some great people doing lovely products just not so many.

  4. Hi Marie

    I have a quick style Grosvenor which I have just completed early this year. I am a “older” dolls house collector and I have to say I am delighted with my house. I live in Sydney Australia and I am very envious of all you people in England having such a wealth of wonderful artisan people who are involved in this lovely hobby. I have purchased many items from Dolls House Emporium as well as other great suppliers. I have tried to keep my house in the Georgian era but have added a few Victorian pieces which look great.


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