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The Hobbit House Continued

Posted on March 12th, 2010 by Maddie

Continuing the look at Maddie’s amazing Hobbit Home, here are some more stunning photographs and more of the story on how it all came together.

View into living room/study from Hall

I need to hoover!!!!

All the maps and documents you see are real middle-earth maps printed onto ‘aged’ paper. The scrolls all have writing printed onto them in Bilbo’s handwriting or Elvish. I made the tiny quills from feathers and the candles out of Fimo. The rug took me a LONG time to do. I looked everywhere for one similar to the one in the movie but couldn’t find one I was happy with so in the end I used good old Microsoft Paint and drew the design myself from the rug in the movie! then printed it onto cotton and sewed the rest of the rug.

The family tree you see on the wall is the actual Baggins family tree which I made in Paint using a family tree template

I love the little statue of Frodo and Sam – these are Warhammer models given to me in 2001 by my friend Claire (thanks Lu!) I never got round to painting them and so I made them a base out of Fimo and painted them in a bronze effect. I once made Claire watch Fellowship of the Rings and she sat through all of it, didn’t understand much of it and thought that the hobbits were called ‘gibbons’ I will never forget that lol!!!

Thror’s map – made a frame out of wood, varnished it and put the map in it :-)

The pictures above show the scene from the movie where Gandalf looks at Bilbo’s table and my recreation of it

Kitchen. I bought all the china plates but made all the food and ‘custom made’ the fireplace. The units were white wood unfinished when I bought them and I just varnished and filled them!

Close up of the fireplace. This was a free gift from Dolls House Emporium I re-painted it, hollowed out a hole and added logs and firebulb and then added the bricks round the outside. If I was being pedantic, it should really be curved, but I am happy with it for now till I have time to make another!

I made the table for the sink out of bits I cut off the dressers to make them fit in. My favourite bit of food I made is the string of garlic hung in the corner – well I’m pretty sure hobbits don’t like vampires anyway (it’s just me that does!)

The pantry – I installed shelves and filled full of food – I made all the food in here from Fimo

Close up of the shelves – many thanks to Angie Scarr for her wonderful books on making food out of Fimo which provided LOADS of inspiration and instruction for me. I hadn’t used Fimo since I was a small child so it was great to learn how to make mini food as an adult!

We’ll have one more installment for you on Maddie’s stunning creation so stay tuned!

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3 Comments to “The Hobbit House Continued”

  1. Michelle Says:

    What an totally awesome Hobbit House! Very talented artisan!

  2. Muy impresionada. Yo admiro tus manos maravillosas que han podido realizar tus ideas, tu sueño. Felicidades!!!.

  3. i love your fimo food its so cool!

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