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Maddie’s Hobbit House – The Final Part

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by Maddie

Here’s the final visit to the amazing Hobbit House created by Maddie, complete with the pictures of the build.

I made all the stained glass windows from thin perspex, glass paint and glass leading

Thanks to my Mum who sent over trinkets from USA where she lives – the blue and white specked crockery and pans are american. She also sent over cans of fanta, pepsi, 7up and Dr Pepper. They are cunningly camouflaged around the kitchen and pantry as I did not really think that hobbits were into the whole fizzy drink thing!!!

If you look closely there is an ‘anniversary edition’ plate from Dolls House Emporium on this dresser from March 2009 which was the month I started the project :-)

check out the barrel in this pic – I bought a plain wooden barrel, varnished it and added a ‘longbottom leaf’ label – and filled it with hobbit pipe weed!!!! The label is a replica of the barrel of pipe weed merry and sam find in the extended version of the movie (flotsam and jetsam scene)

View through to the bathroom

Mum and her partner David sent this rug from USA as a thanks for talking them through formatting their laptop – that was fun over the phone!!!!!

made the fire out of stones from my back garden (and I knocked the light off with the camera which is why it is hanging down lol)

I made the towels and flannels out of my twin boys babygrows (they had grown out of them!) the soap is fimo and the bottles are beads

view into bedroom

My mum made a lovely patchwork quilt for the bed but I changed the bed and it doesn’t fit on the new bed (hint hint mum I need a new quilt love you x)

I like the painting in here – it is a painting of Rivendell and the frame was a bargain cost 20p because it was smashed into little pieces when I bought it – superglue is my friend :-)

the castle on the shelf I bought from Miniatura show. I undercoated it in black and dry brushed in mithril silver (thankyou Games Workshop and my misspent youth painting warhammer models lol)

The axes are from my Gimli doll which I bought in USA in 2000 (yes, again, I know I am a geek)

Ok well that is the end of the photos of the interior for now.

Here are some photographs documenting the creation of my Miniature Bag End from when I started in March 2009

the very first piece of wood that I cut! (ok I later scrapped it, but still!) you can also see a bit of the wood panelling that I made myself

the first frame that I made. I decided after I had got to this stage that the walls were too thin (3mm) so put this model above in the bin and started all over again and added another room!!!!!!

The new frame – if you look closely you can see I already had made the front door – this was one of the first things I made and why the varnish doesn’t quite match the colour of the wood panelling I later settled on! another thing I have learnt to live with for now

I tried 3 different sorts of wood panelling and varnish before I settled on mahogany. And I am still not 100% happy with it because it is darker than the wood in the movie. The panelling above got ripped out several times and I even made my own wood panels (see top photograph) but it was a nightmare trying to cut circles in it because the wood was too brittle. I met a really helpful guy at Miniatura show who sells tudor panelling in mahogany wood so I ended up buying and using that for the house – it looks good and was sturdy enough to cut circles out of to go round the door frames.

Starting the tiling in the hallway. It is great during this project I learnt carpentry, electric wiring, flooring, grouting and all sorts (but all in miniature so not much use in my own home!)

More flooring laid – the stone was the hardest because the pieces are not even sizes so trying to get them fitted into the space was not easy for my ‘girl’ brain

starting the panelling above – I fitted skirting board, then panelling above that then the handrail above the panels

close up of the panels and stained glass windows

start of the front wall using mini bricks, concrete filler stuff and paint

close up of living room window. This window and the windows in the hall are a direct copy (well as close as I could make) of the actual windows in the movie. The others are mostly improvised from my own imagination. This window opens and closes with the tiny hinges and is made out of perspex, thin wood which I varnished and black leading

making the fireplace for the bathroom – using rocks from my back garden, glue and cement

I added wall wooden beams – I cut them to size and wittled them down a bit at the sides to look more aged then varnished them.

inside coming together a bit more

the outside! Thankyou very much to my friend Andi who got me some foam to build the outside structure. You would not believe how difficult that stuff is to get hold of. I have a ‘making wargames scenery’ book by Games Workshop and in it it tells you to make structures out of this ‘high density foam’ and cover in polyfiller. Well I called every games workshop in the area and only one shop told me where to get it – B&Q. I called them and asked for ‘high density foam’ the line went quiet and they hand’t got a clue what I was talking about. if you google it, the closest match I could find was ‘blue or pink foam’ and NOWHERE sells large quantities of it. If anyone knows where to get it, please let me know for my next project! I found one company that supplied it for the insides of childrens soft play areas but it cost £200 for a small amount – er no. I resorted to wire, modroc and filler for the large areas

starting to lay grass and paving

front door before flowers etc. I used different shades of grass and graduated them to create the ‘scorched’ grass effect around the stepping stones

I fitted all the wiring for the lights at this stage – many thanks to the lovely people at Matlock Miniatures who advised me what sort to buy and how many transformers etc I needed!

I built the steps with stones from my garden

some mini bread I made out of Fimo – hard to tell how big they are from this pic but the round ones are about the size of my thumbnail (penny size)

a table of food that I made

I made some fimo pumpkins for halloween – complete with mini light. The idea for this came from a guy called Dean Miskelly hubby of Amy who uses the same twins club as I do (http://www.twinsclub.co.uk) I was calling them to try and sort a pc problem for them (which by the way I didn’t manage to do!) but I did get the great idea of pumpkin with light in it so not a complete waste of a phone call lol

the process of making trees and flowers – I took the wire on the left, bent it into the shape in the middle and added the foliage on the right! oh and made some tiny flowers out of tiny petals cut out with a heart shaped punch and glued to strands of wire

19 Comments to “Maddie’s Hobbit House – The Final Part”

  1. Well done what a fantastic project, a real inspiration, thankyou for shareing :o )

  2. Bennie Jablonski Says:

    This is truly amazing! What an awesome job you did on this house. It is just adorable. I’ve been working on a project for almost 2 years and I’m at a stand-still. I hope to finish it sooner than later.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. A brilliant project lots of hard work.
    I would like to do something similar to the windows on my house as they are round at the top.
    Where did you find the mini bricks or did you make them?

  4. wow your are a model making genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo talented
    i loved the pumkins i might make some (try making a christmas tree out of a branch from a real one !)

  5. oh thanks Hugh – pumpkins were fairly easy to make I just made a sphere of orange fimo, pressed out a circle in the middle using a biro and then while the pumpkin was still on the biro, pressed out the eyes etc (hope this makes sense!!!!
    the christmas tree idea is great

  6. Wow, you’re hobbit house is amazing. There’s no other word for it! What an inspiration, thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow, just read your appearance in the Metro. Great pictures online love the way you see around problems !!! So cool.

  8. The most brilliant thing I have ever seen, truly amazing craftmanship. Thank you very much for sharing your incredible work. What a joy to look at, wish I could get up close to have a good nosey round.

  9. Its perfect! Make one for meeee! *-* haha

  10. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!! this is truly amazing, you are very talented !!! I cant wait to show my 9 year old son, he’ll LOVE it !!!!! well done :D p.s where can i get realistic grass from ?

  11. Ellice defranco Says:

    this is amazing! how did you get the outside of your house to look like that?

  12. saw the hobbit hole on tv (from dollshouse emporiam )was intrigued such amazing detail-areally superb project—-well done—–thank-you for sharing your wonderful work–Kay

  13. Michael Maurer Says:

    Dear Maddie–What an absolutely exquisite piece of work Hobbit Hole house is! Just magnificent in its detail. Museum quality! I’ll just bet you’ve had offers. Would be wonderful, as well, if I could read about it in the American magazine-”Miniature Collector”- An article on you and your work would be very timely and well worth the read. Please, keep up the fine work.

  14. hey Maddie,

    I really love your hobbit house! I have never seen anything like this before, i would love to make something like this for myself. Thankyou for sharing!! I will be coming back soon to grab some ideas for my own project!!

  15. Mary Owen Says:

    Hi Maddie,

    Your Hobbit House is wonderful, how talented you are. Have you a new project, if so please share it.

  16. Hello Maddie, Very nice project, i am working on a landscape model and i really admire your dedication to detail. What material did you use for the grass and for the foliage of the trees?

  17. Hello Maddie
    You have turned your miniature hobby dream world into a very real 3D world …………….A pure work of art!

    Thank you for showing us.

    Kind Regards,


  18. I am totally amazed by your talent! Fantastic!!! And I’m struggling with making a pre cut doll’s house…


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