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Just .. . me really

Posted on June 28th, 2010 by Lauren Carroll

Hi everyone. My name is Lauren. I am fairly new to dolls  houses and I’m still trying to learn. I’ll just tell you a bit about myself.

I’m 19, I live in England and I work as a nursery nurse.

I only own one dolls house so far (even though I’d love them all !!). It is the Toll House which my boyfriend bought for me last year. Progress on it has been slow as – like I said – I’m still learning so there have been more than a few mistakes so far.

I’ve decorated it (outside and in) but I still need to add lots more to that yet. I’ve also started making a few things for inside it: a small shelving unit, some bottles and some food. I’ve bought a few things too so its starting to look quite nice. I’m hoping to turn it into a friendly witches house but it still has a looooooong way to come yet.

I’ll be posting some pictures of it so far very soon when I get a new camera (I managed to drop my old one in a mop bucket :-D ) I hope you’ll like it because I love it and I’m looking forward to getting lots of tips and help because trust me, I need it!


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