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The Dry Fit

Posted on April 24th, 2008 by Marie

The Dry Fit

The dry fit of part of the shell of the Toll House. Just as with a previous Dollshouse Emporium kit I put together, this one fits together very easily and goes together quickly. The directions are easy to understand and I look forward to seeing how the rest of it goes together.

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One Comment to “The Dry Fit”

  1. Iolanda Pinheiro Says:


    I am thinking of purchasing the Toll House Kit myself, but since I intend to decorate it with very specific pieces of furniture (to imitate a tower from a fantasy book), I’d really like to know the exact measures of the sides of the hexagon. At first I thought of asking the Dolls House Emporium staff about it, but then it occurred to me that perhaps someone in the forum might be able to help as well.

    That is how I found this post, and it really would be great if you could please tell me the exact measures of the sides of the hexagon on the inner side of the tower, so I can see in advance if the furniture I wanted to buy for it will fit.
    For example, by looking at the pictures and the measures presented in the site, I had the impression that it is not a perfect and regular hexagon, and instead there are two opposing sides slightly bigger than the remaining four sides. For example, the sides with the door and the back of the tower would be the biggest sides of this irregular hexagon.

    In any case, and even if I am wrong and this is in fact a regular hexagon where all sides are equal in size, is it then possible for you to please tell me the exact measures of the sides of the hexagon, in the inner side of the tower? So that I can choose furniture that will fit.

    I’d really appreciate your help, and I’m sorry to be bothering anyone about it…! If in addition you think there’s any information about the Toll House that you think might be helpful, it would be great if you would share. Thank you in advance :)

    Iolanda Pinheiro

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