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Can the estate survive in its present form?

Posted on September 14th, 2011 by Chris Birkitt

In a galaxy far, far away in the north of England lay a hamlet of 55 houses 3 were 1/48 scale, 13were 1/24scale, 1 was 1/16scale and the largest part of the estate consisted of 38 were 1/12th scale.

From mansions to maisonettes, a castle and a caravan, from Robert Stubbs to Edward Lutyens, and a vast collection of shops, the estate occupies the whole of a ‘real’ scale bungalow!  From lounge, bedroom, patio, dining room, utility room to the room grandly entitled The Dolls House Room the whole house has been given over to miniature homes. Maureen built the entire estate.

Now we are beset with two main problems, lack of space and continuing ill health.We need solutions, hwo do we find more space and conquer our severe concerns over ill health?! Well one way to help is to share our hobby with you so do let us know if you’re interested so we can post more!

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